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Gan's Creek - Rock Bridge State Park - Boone County, Missouri

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park is located in Boone County, Missouri.  It is an outstanding example of the natural beauty found in the more rugged parts of the Outer Ozark Border.

Outer Ozark Border - in dark green

More specifically, the park is located in the Rockbridge Oak Woodland/Forest Low karst hills (Landtype Association G).

OZ12G Rockbridge Oak Woodland/Forest Low Karst Hills- area in white

Unfortunately its location near Columbia, Missouri puts it on the edge of the Asian Bush Honeysuckle invasion.

Degraded woodland in Columbia Missouri

Infiltration - A seedling found deep within the park!

Fortunately, much of the park retains its traditional landscape with pockets of mature Oak Hickory and Maple forests

A "clean" forest - almost! Can you spot the Honeysuckle?

Notice the clear view to the horizon under the trees

Within a mature Oak Hickory and Maple forest, the canopy keeps the forest floor relatively clear of thick vegetation

In general, the grasses and forbs do not get tall under the trees

In a traditional Missouri woodland, there is a diversity of plants on the forest floor

May Apple

In a traditional Missouri woodland, the ground is mostly visible and clear

Areas near streams are often clear of heavy brush and accessible

Clear to the shore

Without Asian BushHoneysuckle, a variety of details are visible from a distance

Ancient landscape in central Missouri

Traditional Missouri landscape

Ancient Landscapes in central Missouri

Even within a cedar grove, the view is clear

Below the cedars

The pond is visible and accessible without ABS [Asian Bush Honeysuckle]

Old abandoned fields in Rock Bridge State Park.

Since Honeysuckle is only found in scattered locations in Rock Bridge State Park at this time, traditional Missouri landscapes are still available to the visitor.

Please consider volunteering to help keep the park clear of Asian Bush Honeysuckle.

Asian Bush Honeysuckle infestation in a Columbia Missouri woodland

We have set aside the land for preservation…

Now lets keep it clean and clear of invasive exotic species!

Honeysuckle growing beneath the Gan's Creek Wild Area sign


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